2024-25 Coaching Staff

Title: Unveiling the Inland Empire United Wolverines hockey team’s  2024-2025 coaching staff 

The Inland Empire United Wolverines hockey community is eagerly awaiting the 2024-2025 season and it excited to announce that the accomplished Head Coach David Vychodil  

 will be leading the team. Coach Vychodil has had an extraordinary journey that started in the Czech Republic at an early age and includes playing in various professional leagues globally, including the ECHL, USHL, and the prestigious Czech Extraliga. His noteworthy playing career spanned from 2000-2016 and after that he made a smooth transition from player to coach and showcased his commitment to excellence. His role as Head Coach for youth teams in the IHCL Leuven Chiefs, saw him secure multiple league titles and tournament victories, both in Belgium and internationally. 

Vychodil’s coaching philosophy stands out because for him, coaching “is not merely a job; it is a mission and destiny”. After his position as head coach, at Carlsbad United Varsity he assumed the role of Director of Coaching for the Inland Empire United Wolverines and in doing so, furthered his commitment to the development of young talents. With David Vychodil at the helm of the Inland Empire United Wolverines, they are poised for a thrilling journey in the upcoming season. The team and its supporters can look forward to a season filled with the spirit of dedication, excellence and a shared love for the game.